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Basic Income is a payment made by the state, as a right of citizenship to every full member or resident of a society, even if he or she does not work or is unwilling to accept a job if offered, and irrespective of whether he or she is rich or poor, in other words, irrespective of other possible sources of income and domestic arrangements.

The Association Basic Income Network appeared at the beginning of 2001 as the initiative of a number of people who had been working for over a decade to promote Basic Income, whether under this or other names. Article 4 of the Basic Income Network's Statutes says: "the goals of this Association are to promote, and to make more available to the public, studies and scientific research on Basic Income in order to foster better knowledge of this proposal and its viability". The Basic Income Network has been an official section of the Basic Income European Network (BIEN) since it was recognised as such at the assembly that was held in Geneva on 14 September 2002.

This website, coordinated by Daniel Raventós, aims to constitute a resource for people and groups interested in the basic principles, and the academic, social and political justifications of Basic Income. It also offers information about events, initiatives and discussions related with the proposal. Please contact Àlex Boso, Sandra González, Francisco Ramos or Daniel Raventós about any initiatives or suggestions for collaboration, exchange of documents or any other event related with Basic Income.

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